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Pits of Death

Pits of Death brings classic handheld gaming action to iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV! Explore a vast dungeon, full of deadly pits and ruled by an angry dragon. Search for an arrow to slay the beast, and victory can be yours!

Pits of Death is inspired by handheld games of the 1980’s, as well as computer and video games that are even older than that, such as the classic Hunt the Wumpus. Now you can have that retro fun on-the-go! 



FlippyBit for iOS!

It's time to flip your bit! Party like it's 1979! 

Tap to keep your bit floating past the stalactites and stalagmites of a vast digital cave! FlippyBit's simple gameplay, retro-styled graphics, and authentic 8-bit graphics will warm your heart and challenge your reflexes. 

No ads! No IAP! Just flipping fun. Available now for iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV!


We admit it: FlippyBit is a lot like the popular "Flappy Bird”. So are lots of other games, but none of those games looks like they’re coming straight out of an Atari 2600. 


The web browser for those other times

Goldy is a web browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that offers one simple feature: Privacy. Most browsers keep a lot of information between uses, like your browsing history, login cookies, and nowadays local web storage. It's possible to clear your Safari browsing history, but not without jumping through some hoops.

Goldy is different. While you're surfing, everything works as usual. You can surf the web as usual, and use the back button to go to pages you've visited earlier, just like you expect. …


Get Diabolotros from the App Store


Do you remember the first time you fell in love... with a video game?

For some of you youngsters, it may have been Half-Life that pulled you into an embrace you couldn't, wouldn't, extract yourself from.  A decade ago, people lined up to buy the latest installment of Quake (and oh did they quake, and tremble, as they gently removed the disk from its casing).

But some of us remember an older time.  A darker time.  In those days we couldn't express our love in the comfort of our own homes.  …


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NEWS! February 14, 2013: Scribattle has now received updated HD graphics for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. Available in the App Store now!

Fight off wave after wave of alien attackers, using your fingertips to do battle with swarms of Scri, furious Flingers, and pernicious Pents.  Exclusively on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Scribattle is a fast-paced game where you must help your warriors defend their planet from a hostile invasion.  Use touch controls to defeat wave after wave of attackers, pushing your fingers to the limit!


TwucketIconMaybe you're a Twitter user.  Maybe you'd rather use a standalone program to access Twitter, instead of using a web browser.  Maybe you've tried other Twitter clients and found them lacking, and maybe, just maybe Twucket is what you've been waiting for!

Twucket is a new Twitter client for Mac OS X Leopard.  It's designed to use a minimal amount of screen real estate, so you can keep an eye on your Twitter feed in a window small enough to leave open all the time.

Mister Hankey

This is a screensaver for Mac OS X featuring the delightful antics of Mister Hankey, a beloved character on the 'South Park' animated television series.

Mister Hankey is a character from the 'South Park' animated television series. His chirpy voice and unique nature make him a viewer favorite. In this screensaver, Mister Hankey bounces jauntily around your screen, leaving his mark wherever he lands!

The Mister Hankey screensaver is based on a screensaver originally written for Windows.


spinvaders_0_0_4Spinvaders is an arcade game for Mac OS X and Windows, based on the classic Space Invaders.  You control a gun turret at the bottom of the screen, and must fight off wave after wave of alien invaders.

As the level increases, so does the number of invaders.  Shooting accurately will increase your multiplier bonus, and eventually give you the supergun.  Boom!

Spinvaders features music and sound effects by David Tweet.


Pachyderm-iconPachyderm is a small utility that quickly checks your system clock to make sure it's sane. This can help workaround the occasional problem where a machine has its clock reset to January 1, 1970 after rebooting.

To use it, simply run it. If Pachyderm thinks your system clock is screwed up, it will ask you to change or confirm it. If the system clock seems OK, Pachyderm will exit without any user action.

One good use for Pachyderm is to put it into your login items so that it runs every time you log in (and, by extension, every time you reboot).

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