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Do you remember the first time you fell in love... with a video game?

For some of you youngsters, it may have been Half-Life that pulled you into an embrace you couldn't, wouldn't, extract yourself from.  A decade ago, people lined up to buy the latest installment of Quake (and oh did they quake, and tremble, as they gently removed the disk from its casing).

But some of us remember an older time.  A darker time.  In those days we couldn't express our love in the comfort of our own homes.  We huddled in darkened rooms which were lit only by the blinking lights of our would-be lovers, surrounded by the noises of our kindred souls standing at the machines around us, each ensnared by their own cruel master.  Quarters were slipped into slots, buttons were pressed, and pressed again, and finally hammered, and we clung to the joysticks as if our lives depended on them, and oh!  perhaps they did!

Some people seek only the latest conceptual gimmick; the most outlandish scenario; the never-before-seen gameplay element; the highest level of realism that a modern computer can produce.  But some of us prefer the old ways.

Here are some screenshots:

Diabolotros is available for purchase at the App Store.  Go here to get yourself a copy!

Not ready to make a purchase? If you're a "try before you buy" kind of person, try Diabolotros Lite, a free version of Diabolotros with fewer levels but with the exact same gameplay.

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