About Rebisoft

Rebisoft is currently a one-man company, owned and operated by Jack Nutting. Jack has been developing software with Cocoa Touch for iOS, Cocoa for Mac OS X, and their technological predecessors NeXTStep and Openstep, since 1994. He's also written several books about developing software for iOS and Mac OS X, available wherever programming books are sold (such as Amazon).

Expertise in iOS and Mac OS X

The Cocoa frameworks, which are critical to both iOS and Mac OS X development, provide developers with a state-of-the-art object-oriented development environment, ideally suited for agile development of GUI applications.  Many people have been testing the waters around iOS development, but Rebisoft has already been swimming in that sea for years!

Custom development

Rebisoft has experience with development efforts of all shapes and sizes, from one-person/one-month applications to hundred-person enterprise software efforts. These days however, Rebisoft is too busy to take on any additional custom development projects.


Rebisoft can help you come up to speed with iOS, Mac OS X, and Cocoa through mentoring tailored to suit your needs.  We can walk developers through the various stages of application design and development, develop pilot projects, and provide resources for continued development.

Contact Information

email: jack@rebisoft.com
telephone: +46 703 145 176
postal: Rebisoft, Inc.
Grönlundsvägen 13
186 60 Vallentuna-Kårsta

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