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NEWS! February 14, 2013: Scribattle has now received updated HD graphics for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. Available in the App Store now!

Fight off wave after wave of alien attackers, using your fingertips to do battle with swarms of Scri, furious Flingers, and pernicious Pents.  Exclusively on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Scribattle is a fast-paced game where you must help your warriors defend their planet from a hostile invasion.  Use touch controls to defeat wave after wave of attackers, pushing your fingers to the limit!

  • unique touch-screen controls, including multi-touch support
  • hand-drawn "beyond retro" look that takes you back to the days of pen and paper
  • you can always resume your last game where you left it (in case you're interrupted by a phone call, etc)
  • 4 types of enemy creatures, each with unique attacks and strengths
  • 50 levels of blistering action
  • the entire set of levels repeats after completion, but tougher each time around, for unlimited play

Scribattle is available for download from the App Store.  For information on gameplay, see the Scribattle Instructions page.  For some screenshots of the game, go to the Scribattle Screenshots page.  Below is a video demonstration of the game, showing some of the first few levels.

Scribattle is available for purchase at the App Store.  Go here to get yourself a copy!

Not ready to make a purchase? If you're a "try before you buy" kind of person, try Scribattle Lite, a free version of Scribattle with simplified gameplay. Now you can get a taste of Scribattle action, and see why declared Scribattle App of the Day on February 10th!

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