TwucketIconMaybe you're a Twitter user.  Maybe you'd rather use a standalone program to access Twitter, instead of using a web browser.  Maybe you've tried other Twitter clients and found them lacking, and maybe, just maybe Twucket is what you've been waiting for!

Twucket is a new Twitter client for Mac OS X Leopard.  It's designed to use a minimal amount of screen real estate, so you can keep an eye on your Twitter feed in a window small enough to leave open all the time.

Simple Window

Twucket runs in a normal window.  Unlike some other Twitter clients which use "special" windows designed to hover in front of your other windows, Twucket behaves like a normal Mac application.  Click it and it comes to the front;  Drag another window in front of it and it goes behind the other window, just like you'd expect.  Thousands of applications work this way;  Why should a Twitter client behave differently?

Silent Operation

When you receive new messages from Twitter, Twucket remains remarkably quiet.  You'll hear no chirping, crowing, bleating, or anything else.  For that matter, Twucket's app icon won't flash, bounce, wave at you, or do flips.  Imagine the simplicity of new messages appearing without fanfare in your Twucket window.  Isn't life noisy enough?

Free (as in beer)

Twucket is free software, with no embedded ads or other annoyances.  Download it, take it for a spin, share it with your friends.

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